Sunday, July 19, 2009

miami, day 4

wake-up time - 5am, call time - 6am. and all this to be able to catch beautiful morning light and avoid midday heat. after all, we have 10 looks to go and 2 locations to shoot at.

amanda arrived early but she got confused with hotels and instead of room 435 at "continental" at 6am in the morning she knocked at the door of room 435 at "shelborne". "is there any photoshoot going on?" she asked; the sleepy lady who opened the door was not even surprised.

by 7am are are already in the water. sunrise is beautiful, and light is gold and diffused. 3 first looks are sensual and wet - literally.

by 8.30am my assistant is picking us up at the reception and we are heading to key biscayne. there are dunes, and rocks, and pure white brick of the lighthouse - and local audience of sunday beach-time lovers. the ranger working there is very helpful and accommodating. only once he approached me with a request not to shoot at the palm trees alley since our model was wearing a see-through outfit and there were kids at the lighthouse who might see it. "i personally don't mind at all" - he says - "she's so gorgeous! But parents might complaint".

6 more looks are done by 11am, the only thing's missing is the shot i fancied in a palm tree shadow, next to the water.. who would have think that this is so hard to find in miami? most of the palm trees around key biscayne park are separated from the shore by concrete see wall, others are too tall, or not curvey enough. so around midday we are heading out of the park searching for a "perfect palm tree" to shoot our last look - ultramarine transparent tunic which amanda so gracefully wears being completely naked underneath.

almost-perfect palm tree was found on our way back to south beach. of course, there were cars, and chaise-longs, and portable fridges, and couples, and kids, and dogs all around it - both on the fore- and background. but we were patient enough and managed to get a perfect shot - or even couple - that looked exactly liked planned.

relaxed, sensual, colorful, and very exotic swimwear story is on its way!

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