Thursday, July 16, 2009

miami, day 1

welcome to Miami! our plane arrived half an hour early yesterday so we had a chance to enjoy light dinner and chilled pinot grigio at an argentinian restaurant maya on lincoln road.
our hotel is conveniently located just next door to raleigh hotel where most of the shows take place.

we started thursday early knowing that there was a long day ahead: beach in the morning, then delicious gazpacho & crepes for lunch at a la folie (cosy french bistro on espaniola way), short afternoon nap (sun can be so tiresome!), and back to the beach again for couple hours to catch some golden sunset light.
by 7pm me and dina are dressed up & ready for the first show. we are having some martinis at raleigh pool while waiting for anetta (who was working on a backstage) to join us.
raleigh tent is way smaller then any of bryant park's tents but excitement of the audience and bright summer colors (white goes so well with tanned bare skin & chunky gold accessories of female attendees) make it festive and fashionable enough.

caffe's show starts at 8:30. models are confident and fit and look stunning in turquoise/orange bikinis with patterned details and embroidery. i in particularly liked couple looks, and was happy to hear from dina that she pulled those for our sunday swimwear shoot.

after the show the fashionable crowd relocated to the beautiful rooftop bar at gansevoort hotel to finish the day at the pool with some lechee martinis while discussing plans for tomorrow.

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