Wednesday, April 29, 2009

H for Hair

shooting a pure hair story today with a classic trio - blond (jae), brunette (tianna), and redhead (samantha) - all from major models.
make-up by amazing rebecca casciano (it was my first time working with rebecca, and i am definitely looking forward for more) & magic hair by linh nguyen (it's a shame this artist doesn't have a website.. such a talent!)

the girls were very sweet (can't say the same about my cat fidel who was misbehaving a lot today) and i think we all had fun. we also beat the time record - 6 haute-couture looks within 4 hours! amazing. can't wait to show you the result!

Monday, April 20, 2009

all about eve

style by dina yassin
make-up by anetta klemens
hair by sato taeko
model: olga (FORD)

please visit beauty section at for more

new portfolio

last week i picked up my new portfolio books (11x14 and 9x12) from house of portfolios. first time they did the placement of my logo was wrong, but now i'm pretty happy with everything. i especially like the way red color is "hiding" inside - the silverish grey cover looks minimal and discreet only until you open the book...

red has always been my favorite color. it's a color of passion, sensual yet strong. it has personality but also goes well with other colors. neutral grey is a good companion, i think. not as harsh and definite as black.

another important element of design in my corporate identity is transparency. i mean literally. i like see-through, clear materials with a little bit of frost or just slightly muted. like plastic they used to make my business cards. it's very practical indeed - you can even wash your jeans with my card in the pocket, or drop it into your martini by mistake. weather proof, washable, lightweight. and apart from that, you can create your own design with it by placing the card on top of different materials, layering and mixing colors. it's clean and ambiguous at the same time.

astali guns&bullets

sunday was a pleasant day to do jewelry shopping in soho - i started at sample sale of dinasaur jewelry (we just shot a beauty story using their colorful beads and bangles), then walked along street vendors with their hidden gems, and ended up at young designers market on mulberry. there i met shannon de jong, astali jewlery designer who's creating bold stylish pieces using toy guns and bullets casings. i couldn't resist and got myself the whole set - two necklaces that can be layered together and a chunky bracelet. LOVE it! hope to use their designs in my upcoming fashion shoots.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

dina yassin

i want to introduce you to my good friend and amazing wardrobe stylist dina yassin. i met her half a year ago on behance networking party. we decided to meet for a cup of coffee in williamsburg - and a week later were shooting our first story. since then there were lots - inlcluding 3 cover stories, 2 celebrity shoots, and trip to LA. and more to come!

dina radiates energy. her laughs are making any shoot go at ease. she is focused, persistent, ambitious, and very talented. i know she will go far and i am happy to be part of the process. please follow up on her interview with ROUGE magazine (may issue).

heels to die for

when i see heels like that it makes me miss my office past and russian notorious "stiletto culture". now i can not afford wearing those in my every day running-around-carrying-heavy equipment life. but instead i can photograph them on skinny long-legged girls - and make you drool.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

new york models

yesterday i had a go-see at new york models and discovered two gorgeous red-heads i'd love to shoot with. meet camille & lindsay. i hope to show you the way i see them soon.

Monday, April 6, 2009

summer jewelry shoot

another great day filled with beauty and positive team energy. this time it was a jewelry shoot with olga from FORD. (i shared her pictures in my previous post)

the overall style of the shoot was light and airy - with simple lighting (and intentionally sophisticated catchlights in model's eyes) i wanted to create an "early summer morning" feel, elegant and sensual at the same time.

dina yassin put together 6 unique looks complimented by colorful jewelry pieces by different designers.

anetta klemens was on top of creating striking make-up looks focusing on olga's beautiful lips.

sato taeko did magic with the hair - from sleek french style bob to glamorous waves.

olga was stunning - classis european beauty, feminine and sensual, as well as very sweet & humble as a person. even my cat fedor fell in love with her and was jumping on her lap during the photosession to steal a kiss or two.

as always, backstage pictures for your sneak pick. more to come.

Friday, April 3, 2009

olga akhunova from FORD

around 8pm friday night after 2 days of back&forth with 3 different model agencies we confirmed beautiful olga (FORD) for our monday beauty/jewelry spec. isn't she gorgeous?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"american beauty" cover story (ROUGE magazine, april 2009)

yes! 2 editorials and a cover in one beautiful april issue! "red" has always been my favorite color *)
even though suggested cover options didn't make it to the cover, i'm still happy about this story. kelly looks gorgeous, doesn't she? my favorite shots of her are this, this, and this. what you think?

"alice in w" editorial (ROUGE magazine, april 2009)

and another april editorial - my "alice in wonderland" story published in ROUGE magazine.

it was a day full of adventures in my friend's (veronika ossi) beautiful loft in greenpoint. we were making the model (martina from MC2) climb the ladder and hang from the chandelier, play chess and have a crazy tea party with invisible guests, and listen to the songs of encaged red roses... everything how it is supposed to be on "the other side of the world" - upside down, with a twist!

full story can be viewed at:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"in the news" editorial (SENSE&STYLE, april 2009)

this month starts with a b&w editorial published in april issue of sense&style (philippines) - magazine i work with on a monthly basis for the past 2 years.

you can see full version of the story at