Monday, April 6, 2009

summer jewelry shoot

another great day filled with beauty and positive team energy. this time it was a jewelry shoot with olga from FORD. (i shared her pictures in my previous post)

the overall style of the shoot was light and airy - with simple lighting (and intentionally sophisticated catchlights in model's eyes) i wanted to create an "early summer morning" feel, elegant and sensual at the same time.

dina yassin put together 6 unique looks complimented by colorful jewelry pieces by different designers.

anetta klemens was on top of creating striking make-up looks focusing on olga's beautiful lips.

sato taeko did magic with the hair - from sleek french style bob to glamorous waves.

olga was stunning - classis european beauty, feminine and sensual, as well as very sweet & humble as a person. even my cat fedor fell in love with her and was jumping on her lap during the photosession to steal a kiss or two.

as always, backstage pictures for your sneak pick. more to come.

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  1. she was definitely stunning......amazing!! Once again, a job well executed;)