Monday, April 20, 2009

new portfolio

last week i picked up my new portfolio books (11x14 and 9x12) from house of portfolios. first time they did the placement of my logo was wrong, but now i'm pretty happy with everything. i especially like the way red color is "hiding" inside - the silverish grey cover looks minimal and discreet only until you open the book...

red has always been my favorite color. it's a color of passion, sensual yet strong. it has personality but also goes well with other colors. neutral grey is a good companion, i think. not as harsh and definite as black.

another important element of design in my corporate identity is transparency. i mean literally. i like see-through, clear materials with a little bit of frost or just slightly muted. like plastic they used to make my business cards. it's very practical indeed - you can even wash your jeans with my card in the pocket, or drop it into your martini by mistake. weather proof, washable, lightweight. and apart from that, you can create your own design with it by placing the card on top of different materials, layering and mixing colors. it's clean and ambiguous at the same time.


  1. i still have one of your business cards somewhere

    it IS really cool

    plastic perhaps is not the best choice for the environment, but i guess if you want the card to last for hundreds of years, then it works :)