Wednesday, April 29, 2009

H for Hair

shooting a pure hair story today with a classic trio - blond (jae), brunette (tianna), and redhead (samantha) - all from major models.
make-up by amazing rebecca casciano (it was my first time working with rebecca, and i am definitely looking forward for more) & magic hair by linh nguyen (it's a shame this artist doesn't have a website.. such a talent!)

the girls were very sweet (can't say the same about my cat fidel who was misbehaving a lot today) and i think we all had fun. we also beat the time record - 6 haute-couture looks within 4 hours! amazing. can't wait to show you the result!


  1. omg - look at Fidel. He looks like he went stir crazy. Too much beauty around, perhaps.


  2. yeah, fidel was going crazy.. he is a trouble-maker during my shoots. can't tolerate attention-deficit *)