Friday, May 1, 2009

weird beauty

last weekend i've attended ICP's exhibition "weird beauty" devoted to contemporary fashion photography with a twist.
it was great to see many of my favorite editorials (alas&piggot, steven klein, steven meisel, hedi slimane, nick knight, tim walker, paolo roversi - among others) on the wall in the striped sequence. almost none of them were new to me but it was great to refresh the memory and see it altogether united by one theme, revealing some kind of pattern. curator's selection was questionable sometimes - there were lots of pretty images (steven meisel's pastel color story for vogue italia, for example) that didn't have anything "weird" about them. i also think that lots of great editorials were omitted without any particular reason. i wish they included some less famous names who have a lot to say on the subject matter. for example, i was missing chadwick tyler's nightmarish creations, or gray scott's dreamy sets, eugenio recuenco's carefully staged and retouched horror fairy the same time steven klein on its own could take over the whole exhibition space with almost each of his shoots.
way more i enjoyed the second room with "this is NOT a fashion photograph" exhibition, as well as downstairs retrospect on edward steichen who's precise and very graphic compositions combined with immaculate lighting created magic on the pages of vogue several decades ago.
the exhibition is up for this weekend only. rush to see it!

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