Friday, July 17, 2009

miami, day 2

friday morning we had a go-see at next model management, miami. despite of the very busy time for the agency ron gerard made it possible for us to meet with girls, and we ended up booking beautiful short-haired brunette amanda for our sunday swimwear shoot.

after having light breakfast at balans we relocated to the beach in front of our hotel and spent there the rest of the day before the shows.

by 6pm the line at the entrance to raleigh tents was enormous. we managed to get in for true religion show just on time.

the atmosphere was like at a good party - the audience was bouncing to the rhythms of doors together with golden boys and girls in jeans-like lycra bikinis and pleaded bodysuits with open backs marching along the white podium. i in particularly liked the beach jewelry - golden fishes on a long wooden beaded chains and buddhist-inspired accessories.
red carter's show was next but the tent was over capacity and half of the ticketed crowd - including us - was left out at the raleigh pool to enjoy free martinis and watch the show on the screen.

dina and i stopped by at the backstage to say hi to anetta who working that night on most of the shows,

and then headed to lincoln road to have dinner before rocking true religion's afterparty at set.

beloved delano on the way back to our hotel watching dark blue sky sheltering with lighting from the outside bar finished the day.

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