Wednesday, June 24, 2009

crisis = danger + opportunity

i am sure that by now many of you already heard a legend-like fact that chinese ideogram for "crisis" is made up of two characters signifying "opportunity" and "danger." true or not, that theory 100% works for me. i do believe that with the right approach and positive attitude difficult times can turn into a great opportunity to grow.

same idea was shared and extended to the constructive degree by charismatic selina maitreya during her new york workshop "survive? think thrive!". within three productive hours she showed us how to stay professionally fit and re-focus on "thrival" instead of survival. because any crisis is just a great excuse to rethink, review, re-evaluate.

instead of cutting your budget, re-direct it - and spent a little more time/money on your sales. instead of freaking out about down time in the studio, use this time to build your book and do something creative. experiment, challenge yourself, take a risk - cause there is so little to loose and so much to win. enjoy - this time will be over soon, together with great opportunities for emerging talent.

i remember my first meeting with selina two year ago. after her thorough portfolio review my head was spinning and my thoughts were gloomy. i was just starting in this business, and selina made me realize how long would be my way and how much work had to be done. but the most painful was to let aside some of my old work that was just not good enough, and do it all over again. it took me a while to accept it. but i think it was one of the most important lessons i learnt: an artist should never get emotionally attached to his own creations. when it's time let it go without looking back to be able to move forward. don't be afraid to start from scratch. "turn your face to the sun and put your talent to work."

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