Monday, February 1, 2010

ink drop

it was definitely a very special shoot for me. done for zink magazine, may issue, it was inspired by the abstract pattern ink drop creates while dissolving in the water, as well as tattoo culture using ink to create permanent adornments on human bodies.

the idea was to create visually arresting images utilizing front projection to cast  images of black ink drops on the set as well as the model. combined with graphic shapes and solid colors (black, white, nude) of clothes projections provided abstract dreamlike effects by morphing the shapes of clothes and creating new patterns.
prepping for the shoot i did an extensive research and carefully selected 20 high-res stock images that would work for the story. consultation regarding projections and technical support was provided by carlos palacio.

when i though of a concept there were no hesitation regarding which model i'd like to be shooting with. asia from muse models has been one of my favorites for long time, but located in paris, she is rarely in new york. i couldn't believe our luck when her booker, katie wolland, confirmed that aisa will be arriving just a day before our shoot! not further castings were needed.

it was also my first time working with stylist newheart ohanian, and i was very impressed by her professionalism and creativity.  newheart immediately got inspired by the concept of the shoot, and put together an amazing 12-looks wardrobe with gorgeous reptile patterns/shapes, sequin textures, leather accessories, unusual head pieces.

and of course, the style wouldn't be complete without edgy contoured make-up by anetta klemens and avant-garde shapes linh nguyen created using asia's hair. 6"0 asia on 8" tall heels and in gorgeous outfits looked like the most incredible alien beauty.

the shoot is in post-production for the next couple of weeks. look for it on newstands in may.

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