Monday, December 1, 2008

meaning of beauty (ROUGE magazine, december 2008)

[The idea of the project is to show the Beauty seen through the eyes
of fashion photographers from different parts of the world.]

How would you define beauty?
Beauty is a state of mind, body, and soul, that reflects as a calm self-confidence and a mysterious half-smile in one’s eyes; It’s a harmony of internal and external.

Why did you choose to present yourself with this photograph?
This photograph is very special to me for several reasons: It was my very first beauty shoot (that time I was still working as a corporate lawyer during the day while taking photography classes at night and doing test shoots on the weekends) but even couple years later this picture still makes me feel proud and content; Also, it was an amazing experience shooting it and witnessing how the look as if created itself from scratch - out of our common team energy, ideas on-the-go, things that surrounded us in the studio (for example, we bought roses in a Deli downstairs to go with the veil, and then we used curtains’ tassels to compliment the braids). The model is my good old friend Marina, and it was her first modeling experience as well. I think all these mixed up together gave this picture such an innocent and sincere feel of a natural beauty.

Where in the world live the most beautiful women?
I guess I can’t be objective coming from Russia – country that is famous for its beautiful women. As a fashion photographer I prefer working with Eastern European models, especially girls from Poland, Croatia, Slovakia. Slavic features have this unique pedigree and serene elegancy I personally find very attractive. You won’t call these girls just pretty – they are beautiful, with their long slender bodies, pensive eyes, and faces that can tell you a story.

Do you believe in phrase “The beauty will save the world”? Why?
I do. For me beauty is the opposite of self-destruction, yet it’s just another side of the same coin. It’s like good and bad. Our striving for beauty is opposed and balanced in a strange way by our propensity to ruin what we have. But striving for beauty is a stronger feeling because it’s genuine and it’s firstborn. And even if the world collapses beauty will prevail (and thus save the world) because there is beauty even in ugly things.

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